Indiana: Bogdanovic 28 (5/11, 6/9 3), Sabonis 18, Turner 12.

It is the city of volleyball that keeps a beautiful story. ” His personal history, which is not often mentioned, has an important palmares … “I was nine years in Turin: 3 league titles with Prandi (Cuneo Another doc, editor’s note). Three times, in Turin, we finished second in the championship and I well in my mind play-off against Parma Kim Ho Chul, the first year of the playoffs: it was a big disappointment.

After 6 seasons closed in first place of the regular season and the record home winning streak and in the league. ” And the Champions Cup history: how he went? “In Ankara, in 1980, against Bratislava: 3-0 I will never forget. That Cup was the prerogative of the Eastern teams. Then comes the Prandi team messes up everything, plays a modern volleyball.

The victory was a huge success, but it was born out of a specific project. When, in 1976, with the setter Bulgarian Karov, Torino lost the play-off against Panini, the then GM Franco Leone decided to renew the team and arrived players like Rebaudendo and Dametto, young people who were trained in Cuneo in practice. The team grew, an exceptional group Pellissero, Lanfranco I and a few others regarded as ‘old’.

It was enough to look to be clear: I was stronger in reception and more scarce in the wall, everyone knew that certain balloons had to leave them to me. Lanfranco was stronger at the net and Prandi it was also used as a second setter, but Rebaudengo was the first.

There were teams that like quality of the individual, they were stronger than us, but that came Torino Cup because we were an incredible group, to which was added as a phenomenon Bertoli “. Why is he smiling in his sleeve? “There is an episode that still makes me laugh. I was not well, I had eaten something that had hurt me. Between the second and the third set is not immediately re-entered the dressing rooms.

The referee had wanted to start the match, but Pilotti pretended to have a foot and took off in the field, sock and shoe. He lost time until I returned. We won the set and it was a triumph. ” And Prandi? “The only coach who won yesterday, made volleyball always changing, beautiful, amazing and wins again today, after years, up to date and creative: a” phenomenon.

It ‘true that when watching the matches can not be found because it is nervous? “Yes, a caged lion, better not to be around me …”. Coach Gun and vice Petruzzelli already reconfirmed …. “They understood the spirit of the company, the group to be valued, so train technique, not only with the tactics and responds to our motto ‘#wearefamily’, but no ‘blagare’, with subalpine tone, calm “. Where does this way of thinking? “I know the value of sacrifice. I started playing at age 14.

After the diploma, my father told me: ‘Your brother is a graduate, you too. If you want to go to university must pagartela, sorry ‘. I liked being on the books, so I enrolled at the Polytechnic of Turin. I studied and was paying his studies with volleyball.

I got a degree in six years without missing a workout or a game. ” What has changed to volleyball? “And ‘changed everything except the concept that no group do not win. It takes a lot of money and resources necessary to search for them with the lantern. Not only. Once the lenders were passionate, they believed in the sport and had patience.

They believed in the sport and knew that when parties with young group, you have to make it grow to win. Today, those who have money want to win right away and the youth sectors suffer. With the media pressing, the sponsor is today, tomorrow maybe spring.

In Cuneo it Water St. Bernard for years, Bosca is excited. We are trying, though, many partners to avoid having one large that, if you get tired, we lose it. Cuneo is a difficult environment … “. His ambition? “Coaching a team of Under 16, for the fun.

I’ve done it, but I would return to the bench, because volleyball mostly teaches you to lose rather than to win. ” Gianni Scarpace

March 28, 2019 – Milan Devin Booker, 22 anni.Afp Paul George and Russell Westbrook bring out the best of the repertoire for guiding the Thunder in a super partial 24-0 in the 3rd quarter that put the mortgage on the success on the Pacers. The Lakers without LeBron James fall against the Jazz. Devin Booker became the youngest ever to make the scoresheet two consecutive races with 50 points, but his Suns end k.o. with the Wizards.

Well the Blazers. Oklahoma City Thunder-Indiana Pacers 107-99 could be the Breakthrough victory for the Thunder (44-31), who are desperate to close the darkest period of their season (with seven defeats in their previous 12 games that have relegated to 7th place in the standings) to re-launch for the playoffs.

Donovan’s team coach spewed out by one of the most incredible performances of their 2018/2019: the break 24-0 which reversed the tide of the match in the third set, in fact, are an NBA season high. Leading successful on the Pacers (45-30) we thought the 31 points from Paul George, the triple-double 17 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists from Russell Westbrook and 25 points and 12 rebounds Steven Adams, who made the big voice in the area.

On the other hand it takes more than 28 points Bojan Bogdanovic Indiana, hit and sunk in the second half of the race and unable to return to the surface. The 1st time, in fact, is all for guests. The Bogdanovic triple and Wesley Matthews (10) lead the Pacers up 54-45 at the interval that puts chills in OKC.

In the second half, though, here comes the reaction: George Westbrook and rise to the throne of propitiating 24-0 partial super that shuffles the cards on the table, bringing the hosts from -11 up to +14 (74-60) which changes the inertia of the race. The last fraction Indiana undergoes the final shots k.o., after finding the last gasp for the new -7 (85-92) at 4 ‘from the final siren.

The basket arch of PG13 and dunk by Adams are worth the 97-85 that brings down the curtain with 3 ‘left on the clock. Oklahoma City: George 31 (8/12, 4/13 from 3, 3/3 tl), 25 Adams, Grant 19. Rebounds: Adams 12.

Assists: Westbrook 12. Indiana: Bogdanovic 28 (5/11, 6/9 3), Sabonis 18, Turner 12. Rebounds: Turner 14. Assist: Collison 6. JaVale McGee (Lakers) and Rudy Gobert (Jazz). Ap Utah Jazz-Los Angeles Lakers 115-100 without LeBron James, who was in Los Angeles for a while ‘rest, the Lakers (33-42) close the mini streak of 2 games collapsing on the parquet of the Jazz (45-30) . Utah, on his side, has the fuel of the reasons that makes you sing the engine: 7 players in double figures, the group led by 22 points (and 11 rebounds) Rudy Gobert, from 20 Derrick Favors and a Joe Ingles that crazy about the public touching the first triple-double in his career, with 11 points, 14 assists and 9 rebounds.

The team coach Snyder puts the mortgage eighth win in nine games (which holds 5th place in the West) right from the start. The baskets Jae Crowder (16 from the bench) and Gobert are worth 32-25 the first buzzer, holding benefit to the 60-53 range. In the second half comes the decisive blow. The Lakers finally lost his grip on a third leg to just 15 total points that opens the door to the Jazz flight.

The 14-4 break, crowned by the flight to iron Donovan Mitchell (11), allowing the hosts to break down the wall of +20 (83-63) and bring down the curtain well in advance on the match clock. They do not need 21 points to the cause of Kyle Kuzma Los Angeles. Utah: Gobert 22 (9/12, 4/6 tl), Favors 20, Crowder 16.

Rebounds: Gobert 11. Assist: Ingles 1xbet sign up bonus 14. L.A. Lakers: Kuzma 21 (6/11, 2/7 by 3 3/4 tl), McGee 16, Wagner 13, Caruso 13. Rebounds: McGee 13.

Assist: Rondo 6. Chicago Bulls-Portland Trail Blazers 98-118 Everything easy for the Blazers (47-27), who take advantage of easy away match in Bulls (21-55), and no LaVine Markkanen, to recalibrate after the terrible injury that ended the season Jusuf Nurkić. To give the fifth consecutive win, the eighth in the past nine outputs, are enough 11 points and 7 assists a Damian Lillard on velvet, together with 13 of Enes Kanter points, promoted long holder in place of the Bosnian, and 20 points by Seth Curry bench.

Chicago has never in the game: Portland, in fact, hit the accelerator from the start, thanks to a first portion closed at 27-14. Advantage that expands up to the interval 59-41, vehicled by Lillard triple and Curry. In the second half the Blazers control the advantage to consolidate their 3rd place in the West.

Chicago: Harrison 21 (9/15, 1/2 by 3 0/1 tl), Lopez 15, Felicio 15.

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